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TARGET AUDIENCE (demographics)

KSSI is targeted directly at adults aged 24-54 (although our audience carries a strong younger audience that truly enjoys the Seventies original rock and the latest modern rock releases).

Our audience is of the age in which heavy consumer spending levels exists i.e.: forming households, buying homes, autos, furnishings, dining, entertainment, raising families and entering into higher income brackets professionally. This equals more disposable income for discretionary spending. Ridgecrest/China Lake host the largest concentration of PHDs and degree holding individuals per-capita in the nation, meaning better than average spending levels.


KSSI plays a blend of the biggest rock tracks from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Mixed with today’s top rock hits that are destined to be tomorrows rock classics.

The target audience has made these artists part of their lifestyles in high school, college and through their twenties and retain a high interest in both the artists’ past and current music. Many of our core artists now have careers exceeding twenty years. The artists, music and listeners of I-Rock are enduring.


KSSI broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From our studios in Ridgecrest California, we provide music to many communities of the High Desert and the Eastern Sierra’s, as well as the huge traffic counts, (over a million travelers a week) traveling on highways 395, 14, and 178. KSSI boasts having one of the only signals travelers receive during the long commutes in the High Desert.

KSSI can be heard in these following communities on 102.1: China Lake, Ridgecrest, Inyokern, Randsburg, Johannesburg, Red Mountain, Trona, Pearsonville, Kennedy Meadows, Olancha, Cartago, Lone Pine, Darwin, Panament Valley, The Pinions, Mt. Mesa, Weldon, Onyx, California City, Mojave, Rosamond and Edwards Air Force Base.


Advertise with KSSI and send your message across the largest listening area in the High Desert. With hours of listening range on all the major highways, your listeners will get the message. Call KSSI today to book your advertising schedule at prices that will work with any budget. Call us at 760-446-5774 during regular business hours. E-Mail us below:

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